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Fa Men Chuan offers a coherent and practical life proposal in the face of the existential crisis of modern life. A system of living which combines in martial arts the elements of its practice which are forgotten in the process of commercialization. This is none other than the internal formation of the martial artist. For the purpose of internal formation, Fa Men Chuan uses a philosophy based on the development of the conscience human values to an understanding of our social and individual responsibility; motivating the stimulation of spiritual activity for a formative inner growth. The methods include Chi Kung, meditation, relaxation, etc… In addition there is a series of formative seminars directed toward the modification of conduct.

Fa Men Chuan in the present

There are many schools and versions of martial arts in the present. Within the Shaolin monastery over three hundred and sixty schools were born, as per tradition; ours is one of them. We believe that at the present time there are no older schools than ours.

As a result of its lifespan of over 1,500 years, our school has an ample fund of experience, technique, and philosophy. In the oriental philosophy classes, the traditional ancient teachings are offered; an orientation which teaches the practitioner calmness, stress-management, analytic skill, emotional control, increased ability to study, objectivity, etc….

Since its foundation to the present time, the school has survived. In America it's been functioning for several dozen years, with over four hundred duly trained professors, and over one hundred thirty schools in America and Worldwide, including: USA, Canadá, México, Puerto Rico, República Dominicana, Venezuela, Perú, Colombia, and representatives in Spain, France, Japan, and England, offering a quality teaching based on excellence and professionalism.

The Fa Men Chuan Organization

We are a private non-government not-for-profit organization. We have no political commitments. We are organized under the laws of the Free Associated State of Puerto Rico (USA), with our own organism of classification, without connection or submission to any government agency. We are autonomous of other national or international sports institutions. Fa Men Chuan is a recognized international organization, within the International Kuoshu Federation of Taiwan, and the Kung- Fu Federation of Taipei (ROC).

Thus Fa Men Chuan maintains itself always at the vanguard of martial arts, keeping the tradition pure, with its own rules.

The athletic activities are understood and taught as an extension of the classes. The classes themselves are taught with the purpose of accelerating and giving depth to the technical development of the participant.

Ta-Yu the Door os he Sun Fa Men Chuan

It is the organization through which are managed the organization, publicity, education, and publications. Through it the centers of integrated growth, the houses of Fa Men Chuan, are developed. In México it is constituted since June 2nd, 2000, by permission of the Secretary of Foreign Relations with permit # 090228925, file # 0009028925 Folio # 17074; public article #50,214 folio #125 volume 734 year 2000.

Presently various minor traditional monasteries or centers of martial perfection exist, where various black sashes reside, executing a special program leading to mastery of Fa Men Chuan. The work is not easy. Adapting an oriental tradition to the modern Western World, maintaining a complete discipline and way of thinking, is truly an arduous labor.

The task is being done, however, and soon we will see true masters offering an incomparable teaching. We have received a teaching over 1,000 years old, and we will extend it 1,000 years more, that is our consignment.


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