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Certification:  The World Kuoshu Federation
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Si Jo Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sánchez


He began martial arts practice in the year 1955, at a young age in his hometown of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. He practiced Judo with Master Takajama of 7th Dan and reached 1st Dan.  He then practiced Karate Okinawa Kempo, Shotukan, and Shirn Ryu.  As he advanced, he became more and more disappointed with his teachers and their teachings. He began desperately seeking a master who would match the model of a master for which he longed. When he thought he would never find him, he met the Master Mitsuhiro Ito, who became his master to the present day. In 1962 he began to practice Fa Men Chuan with Grand Master Ito; disciple and successor to the Grand Master Wey Ley Chen.  In 1977, his master retired leaving him as the successor. 

In Puerto Rico he opened 27 schools within three years.  He has since opened schools in many countries, such as:

1. Dominican Republic
2. México
3. USA
4. Venezuela
5. Colombia

He attended naturopathic medical school beginning in 1977, and graduated in 1981. 

During that time, he participated in over 200 open international tournaments, and acted as judge in Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu tournaments. 

He then returned to Puerto Rico where he resumed the direction of the Fa Men Chuan schools. 

In 1988 he went to Taiwan and became a member of the Kung Fu Association of Taiwan.  Several months later he returned to Taiwan with his team, to participate in the international tournament of the association. His team was named tournament team champion.  In 1988 he received an award from the government of Taiwan as the most distinguished teacher; and, the award for Excellence in Martial Arts. 

In 1991 he returned to the tournament with his team, and again won 1st place.  

In 1993 he moved to the Republic of Colombia where we spent eight years, and established thirty two schools, five Fa Men Chuan Houses, and five minor monasteries. 

In 1994 he was inducted into the Who's Who in Martial Arts in the USA.

The 15th of March of 1999 his organization joined the International Federation of Kuoshu, and participated in the tournaments in Peru and in Argentina.

In 2001 he moved to Mexico, and began to develop his clinic of naturopathic medicine.  In Mexico he has established a new organization called Ta-Yu (Door of the Sun), with permission from the Ministry of Foreign Relations, registered and authorized as an international organization.  His organization has developed new seats, with schools and representatives in various places in the Mexican Republic.  It has also established seats in various countries such as:

1. México (principal seat) 
2. Spain
3. USA
4. Ecuador
5. Venezuela
6. Colombia
7. Dominican Republic
8. Canary Islands

Presently he is active as:

1. Director of the Organization of Ta-Yu Door of the Sun 
2. runs a private naturopathic clinic
3. Great Grand Master of Chinese Boxing.
4. Teaches Qi-Gong
5. Teaches Tai Qi-Gon.g
6. He travels regularly giving conferences and seminars on oriental medicine, philosophy of martial arts, and Qi-Gong.
7. Gives several martial arts camps yearly.
8. Has written two books, and prepared fifteen seminars on diverse pertinent topics.
9. Participated in over 40 programs on television in the last three year, as well as several interviews in different magazines and published articles.

The Si-Jo´s work is not easy. Adapting an oriental tradition to the modern Western World, maintaining a complete discipline and way of thinking, is truly an arduous labor.

The task is being done, however, and soon we will see many more true masters offering an incomparable teaching. He received the legacy of a over 1,000 years old, and will extend it 1,000 years more, that is his consignment.


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