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1. Every means is an end and every end is a means, yet not every means is necessarily the goal.
2. Justice and strength ought to go hand in hand.
3. Understand that god should neither be used as an excuse to evade our responsibility and exploit people, nor as a means to avoid a duty.

4. The knowledge of violence while living non-violence fosters peace.
5. Recognize that the world is a product of our mental vision ; therefore, we will try constantly to transform our inner vision and contribute to the development of society.
6. Our practice should be directed toward the perfection of all our actions ; understanding the relationship between nature, the divinity, and man.

7. The natural state of man is humility, crowning with success the endeavors of the superior man.
8. Inner security, being founded on one's self, manifests itself in a dialogue with oneself.
9. We ought to be the most subtle expression of our feelings.

10. Help the one in need understand the message of life.
11. Every philosophy should have its application to daily life ; toward the elevation and perfection of our conduct.
12. Our purpose is the realization of love, happiness, and peace, which are born of reality.

13. The labor of each Shaolin is not to conquer the world around him, but to be able to conquer his own limitations which limit his progress in the world.
14. Dignity, friendship, valor, and respect for the values of the human being, are the natural rights of man. Liberty, justice, and peace in the world are based on the recognition of the intrinsic dignity and equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family.
15. Each Shaolin is obligated to contribute to the betterment of our community.

16. We understand that our country is the world, and our duty is to contribute to the balance and betterment of society and of our conscience.
17. Love and justice are what temper violence ; violence tempers love and justice.
18. Liberty is the home of virtue ; when sincerity is the most subtle expression of our feelings. Purity is the end result in the practice of the virtues.

19. Of the higher virtues in man, those like valor and daring are what grant greatness to human deeds.
20. The art of living resides in the comprehension of the truth, living fully all of our actions in the present.
21. Do not do to another what you would not have done to you.

22. It is necessary to confront violence in order to know and avoid it.
23. We will not teach our art to people lacking noble principles.
24. We will endeavor to avoid alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, meats, psychotropic drugs, and all toxic materials which damage or compromise the harmonious maintainance of our body and spirit.

25. Our condition is expressed through all that we do and say.
26. Our Self depends on our degree of willpower and determination to accomplish what it must do.
27. Honor ought to be the moral discipline that brings us to fulfill our duty, working toward the restoration of the values of the spirit, based on the harmonious development of man.

28. All study material should be geared toward the comprehension of unity.
29. Be not we slaves to our passions and limitations.
30. Love is the feeling of possession of the truth.

31. The highest loyalty resides in compliance with the laws of fidelity and honor.
32. We practice our art with the purpose of obtaining a clear awareness of everything.
33. We will bring to reality the true message of the way of martial arts.


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