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Ta-Yu Fa Men Chuan Lung Pek Pai Doi Con is divided in two parts:

1. The physical where the level acquired is defined by colored belts.
2. The philosophical part where the individualís mental capacity is challenged.

Each belt has a specific significance but is only a physical way to mark the right of passage of the practitioner. The following is a list of the diverse ranks and the level they occupy in the style.





White (Pa Si Tai/Pa Si Mui)

Yellow-2 (Won Si Tai/Won Si Mui)
Yellow-1 (Won Si Tai/Won Si Mui)
Orange (Shan Si Tai/Shan Si Mui)
Green (Shin Si Tai/Shin Si Mui)
Violet (Chin Si Tai/Chin Si Mui)
Rod (Yung Si Tai/Yung Si Mui)

Black 1st degree (Hat Shu Si Tai/Hat Shu Si Mui)

Black 2nd degree (Han Jun Si Tai/Han Jun Si Mui)
Black 3rd degree (SiSuk/SiGo Mui)
Black 4th degree (SiFu)
Black 5th degree (SiPok)
Black 6th degree (SiGun)
Black 7th degree (Si Tai Gung/Si Mui Gung)
Gray 8th degree (Si Jo)
Note: Tai: men; Mui: women.



In traditional Shaolin, ranks were not formally utilized. A practitioner was recognized for his or her qualities and progress as well the role they played in the school. For this reason, the designations of the titles vary within each Shaolin family. Here you will find several system versions, they are each valid and cohesive within a given system.

Version l

Sihing Assistant Instructor
Sisuk Instructor
Sifu Senior Instructor
Sibok Master Instructor
Sigung Grand Master

Version ll (Cantonese)

Title Male Female Rank
Junior Student Sidi Simui White Belt
White Belt White Belt Sijei White Belt
Disciple Sisuk Sigoo Mui Black Belt
Instructor Sifu Simoo Black Belt
Senior Instructor Sibok Sidipoo Black belt
Master Sigung Sipoo Gold Belt
Grand Master Sitaigung Sitaipoo Red Belt

Version lll

White Belt Student
Black Belt Disciple
Disciple Instructor
Gold Belt Weapons Master, unarmed Master
Red Belt Unarmed Master

Version lV

Si Hing Older Brother
Si Jie Older Sister, effort
Shih Fu / Sifu Teacher Father
Sisuk Sifuís younger Brother
Sipok Sifuís Teacher
Si Gung Sipok older Brother

Shih Jiao/Si Jo

Founder / Successor of a system




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