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Home of Fa Men Chuan

It is the administrative headquarters the Fa Men Chuan Tradition in Mexico. All activities are directed toward the preparation of our international headquarters “The Fa Men Chuan Monastery”. This will be the ideal centre of self-perfection for all those who seek enlightenment and are interested in forming part of the lineage of the tradition of the Warrior Monk.

The Fa Men Chuan home was established in Mexico in May of 2000. Since then it has offered diverse classes such as Northern Chinese Boxing, Chi Kung and Chin Na. The ancient tradition of Fa Men Chuan up to the present time has formed and graduated nine groups of Chi Kung, a total of one hundred and fifty new professors, and more than twenty five black sashes in Northern Chinese Boxing. In this upcoming March it will offer the first Fa Men Chuan Chin Na Black Belts Exams. A series of seminars and courses based upon the millennia old Chinese teachings are also offered.




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