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Psychic Self-Defense - Given by Si Jo Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sánchez.

This is a method within the Fa Men Chuan to learn to manage negative emotions, psychic attacks, and the torments of the soul. These include anguish, depression, insecurity, vices, psychological dependencies, etc… It is a simple and logical method, stemming from a millennia-old tradition; not found in books. It is taught only via oral transmission from master to disciple. Learn to be happy and make others happy.


Fa-Sha-Shen - Given by Si Jo Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sánchez.

Fa-Sha Shen is the name of the conjunction of techniques within the Chi Kung of Fa Fa Men Chuan directed to the the development of mental ability. A method proven by over 1,500 years to activate almost immerdiately the mental powers which include: clairvoyance, telepathy, self-healing, astral projection, etc… The system activates the inherent abilitities of the individual which are not used only due to lack of basic knowledge.

Electric appliances all come with a user´s manual, the human being is the most complex organism which exists, but exists without a manual. Fa Sha Shen proffers with its training the knowledge in the absence of the manual. The method has no religious connotations, but is technical and scientific.


Meditation Marathon - Given by Si Jo Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sánchez.

An intensive process in search of transcendental states of consciousness in a safe and risk-free manner, without the use of psychotropic substances. It is carefully directed by the Si Jo Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sánchez. Through this practice we seek the induction of T´chi as a means to amplify our conscience and enlighten the spirit.

Enter the fascinating world of universal intelligence and cosmic understanding.


Life, Death, Reincarnation, and Conscious Regression - Given by Si Jo Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sánchez.

In this seminar we trace a route, beginning with our cosmic birth, passing through the diverse incarnations and their laws, understanding destiny, our mission, Karma, incarnation. We pass through death; its mechanism, preparation for it, and alignment with our destiny.


Tao of Sex and Love - Given by Si Jo Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sánchez.

This is the technique of harmonious development of sexual relations and love-making.

In the development of our civilization and the struggle for daily living, the human being gradually loses the natural sense of enjoyment of love. Our relations become increasingly biological, diminishing the pleasure and the capacity for love. This has repercussions in our physical health, since stress would ordinarily be liberated through sexual relations. Se En el desarrollo de nuestra civilización y la lucha por el diario vivir el ser humano va perdiendo gradualmente la sensibilidad natural del disfrute del amor.

Ancient Chinese wisdom returns in the present, breaking the trajectory of generations, centuries, periods, and complete cycles of history. From Orient to Occicent, the ¨Tao of Love¨ appears as a nearly sacred addition to the millennia-old tradition, as a school with the founding principles of a spiritual discipline. More than a philosophy, more than an integral part of a civilization as yet strange and foreign to us, it is a particular way of life.

The complex relation of matter and energy is comparable to the fragile and tangible relation of mind-body. The Tao of Love is the guiding llight to the fields of loving energy and its dominion through knowledge.

This treasure of knowledge is presented in this marvelous seminar as a conceptual applicaton of the creative power inherent in body and soul, contributin to the augmentation of our perceptions, and the creative capacity.


Chi-Kung Therapy - Given by Si Jo Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sánchez.

Chi-Kung therapy is possibly one of the most efficacious mechanisms to reestablish the ecologic balance of the human body. We present the triad of the most effective Chi Kung therapies:

1. Bio-energetic massage.
2. The opening of the energetic channels.
3. Osseous manipulation.

This is directed to the reestablishment of the the energetic equilibrium of the the human body, assisting with its rapid reestablishment. The guiding principle being that once the body reestablishes its energetic potential, it finds the path to health of its own accord. The well-being which ensues is unique, and no other therapy exists as pleasurable and restorative. It is tonifying, relaxing, adaptogenic, and reestablishes the astro-electro-physic-bio-magnetic potential. This class is offered by professors of Chi-Kung and by the Grand Master Si Jo Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sánchez.


Meditation - Given by Si Jo Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sánchez.

It is the technique for the development of the capacity for inner realization, maximizing the inner potential. It is an inner voyage, through a technical, scientific, philosophic method, with no religious mantle. It fills the practitioner with happiness, peace, and love.

It is possibly the best alternative against stress, depression, emotional instability, etc… It is the search for light beyond thought; the search for the existential reality outside of existence. It is the debate and ecstasy in the eternal.

The knowledge and practice of meditation helps us classify and order it, but the practice goes beyond mental limitations, it is outside the borders of time and space, where knowledge doesn´t exist; outside our measurements nad classifications. With meditation, we seek a reality outside all conceptualization. It is the essence the unique and supreme reality.

It breaks all concepts, by bringing us to the light of our existence. It allows us to have real, unique, and immeasurable experiences, in the enjoyment of the cosmic dance of the only reality of impersonal existence.

It is beyond the limits of belief or negation of faith or faithlessness. All is directed toward the search for peace, calmness, health, mercy, and love, in the the obtainment of happiness in the present, being happy and making others happy.


Intensive Seminar of Creative Meditation - Given by Si Jo Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sánchez.

A journey in search of exalted states of existence.

This is a method to convert the existential problems in creative stimuli; coherent and material in the search for the art of being happy and making others happy.

The problems of daily living should be converted into games, where our existence enjoys them equally whether we win or lose.

We learn to manage negative emotions, psychic attacks, and the torments of the soul. These include anguish, depression, insecurity, vices, psychological dependencies, etc… It is being happy and making others happy.


The human being Existential reality (factors that diminish the creative potential)
The mind, the intellect, and the spirit
The creative levels, their potential, and their stimulus
Workshops (relaxation and the cultivation of the creative power) Talleres
The use of colors in the search for blocks or negative experiences which impede our development and self-realization)
Workshops (fabrication of creative stimulus)
Applications in the workplace and daily living
Workshops (creation of the secret place) Talleres
Cultivating genius
Face to face with our reality and our true self
Creative plan and its application

Note: the development of the seminar, its order, and contents can vary due to the group, its needs, interests, and corporate agenda.


Seminar of conscious regression - Given by Si Jo Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sánchez.

Directed toward all persons who work toward their personal development in search of inner peace

Throughout time and across civilizations, we see how the topic of reincarnation and regression has fascinated us.

In the west it is only accepted by esoteric organizations, although it is rejected by the official religions, since these are based on a simplistic idealism without the consideration of a conscious goal in their path.

Presently, everywhere we hear about reincarnation. Many people are giving testimony of all that they remember, even of family member whom they recognize with vivid detail and secrets kept for a lifetime. There are testimonials of this type in all countries and languages. We cannot believe that this is a passing fad; and there are too many cases to believe these are mere coincidence. In the last years, some investigators in this fascinating topic have fully investigated it, giving more scientific strength to it.

We also know that all religions have had or have a belief in existence after death. The idea of rebirth is also common in each culture, worldwide. We see how in the Orient, the diverse masters have learned the technique to plan their incarnations, giving them a logical and ascendant sequence without interruption of their evolution. Lack of this knowledge only permits unconscious advancement, finding our way to internal development using a stick in the dark. In one lifetime we can acquire consciousness, but in the other we lose it for lack of continuity.


1. What is reincarnation
2. Laws that regulate reincarnation
3. The connection between this and other existences
4. What is regression
a. Its objective
b. The Askaras
c. The dangers of regressions
d. The technique
e. Planning future lives
5. The levels of the mind
a. The subconscious
b. The key to conscious recall
c. Workshops
6. Relaxation
a. Meditation
b. Techniques of sustained attention
c. Management of energy
d. Communication with the subconscious to open the door to the past
7. Conscious regression


Naturopathy and Endocrinopathy - Given by Si Jo Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sánchez.

The art and science of health, happiness, and living in harmony with the universe.

As a health alternative the school brings a proposal based on a system of life and health based on naturopathy as a method of synthesis of traditional knowledge and modern development of natural medicine.

This system of medicine, which utilizes only natural and biologic substances for the treatment of illnesses, is based on the conviction that the body has an innate capacity for self-healing.

Therefore, it shares concepts with Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ayurveda. This capacity is called ¨vital force¨. Hippocrates envisioned it in his tiempo in the simple system of healing based on healthy food, adequate rest, and exercise. Living in this manner, only a minimal intervention is needed to restore health.

We have arrived in this life, as a result of genetic inheritance, oftentimes weak and filled with many defects, as a result of ancestors unconscious of their responsibility. We must assume the responsibility of the regeneration of the human race, via a return to a life in harmony with the natural ecologic state of the species, living up to our origin.

Diagnostic Methods

Analysis of saliva and urine

This method allows one to know, via analysis of saliva and urine, the capacity of the body to assimilate nutritients, and its deficits with the reason for them. The sugars, albumin, urea and pH of the the saliva and urine are measured in parts per million.


It is the modern concept of the measurement of the energy meridians known in acupuncture. It provides a complete picture of the quantity of energy each organ system receives and releases for optimum function. In addition, it provides, along with the analysis of the saliva and urine, a very ample idea of the total body function.


It provides an excellent approximation of the global health of the organism, which ought to correspond perfectly with the other two methods.

Hair Analysis

Carefully obtained hair samples are analyzed, and studied for the presence of heavy metals. Our hair acts as a registry of the toxic accumulation in the organism, apart from indication the progress of the detox process of the body.

All these methods are synthesized and added to the common analysis of the medical laboratories.


Intensive Seminar of Chinese Medicine - Given by Si Jo Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sánchez.

The purpose is to provide an ample introduction of the Chinese concept of physical and mental health, so that the practitioners of Chi-Kung can understand and harmonize all the concepts in a synthesis of experiences of happiness, wisdom, self-realization, and enlightenment.


1.Philosophy of the harmony of the universe, man, and health
2.Occult human anatomy
3.Basic principles
4 Yin and Yang
5.The five elements 6.The Shen, Ko, and cosmoligic cycle
7. T´chi (Origin, types, functions and imbalances)
8. The meridians and energy channels
9. The Zhang-Fu (for mental and physical equilibrium)
10.Functions of the Fu
12.Diagnostic methods
13.The visual exam: tongue, hearing, observation, smell, palpation
14.Pulse diagnosis, neurometer, etc…
15.Principles of disequilibrium
16.The eight principles
17.Treatments: acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, acupressure, massage, herbology and formulations, animal substances, Chi Kung, Tai Chi, exercise, diet, Feng Shui, healing meditation
18.Principles of cold and heat


Feng-Shui Intensive - Given by Si Jo Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sánchez.

Feng Shui is a millennia-old art which popularity has grown in the last years. It is a philosophy oriented toward success and living happiness. It is a powerful tool to create harmony between man and the space he inhabits, be it at home or at work. Its practice leads to success in all areas of life, creating a healthy atmosphere in the energy fields of the human being. Although caos reign without, upon entering the home you can find an oasis of peace, and recover lost energy. of Su practica conduce al éxito en todas las áreas de la vida creando una atmósfera saludable en los campos energéticos del ser humano. Aunque afuera reine el caos, al entrar a la casa usted puede encontrar un remanso de paz y recuperar la energía perdida.

In this seminar, the millennia-old Fa Men Chuan concept of Feng Shui is presented.



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